A WORLD famous Frank Sinatra tribute singer 'did it his way' when he smashed up an Indian restaurant – after claiming he was under-paid for a gig, a court has heard.

Jim Mcallister, 45, flipped when he believed he had been short-changed by £100 and punched a glass table lamp and damaged a door.

The singer, who has performed in Las Vegas, lost his temper after singing at the Rajdoot Tandoori restaurant in Cutnall Green, near Droitwich Spa, on June 28 last year.

Mcallister, from Halesowen, appeared before Worcester Magistrates' Court on Wednesday, February 19 where he admitted causing criminal damage.

Prosecutor Lesley Ashton said: "He had been booked by owner of the restaurant Nina Tiara.

"She left an envelope containing £300 for him as payment, but Mcallister said he was owed a payment of £400 for a cancelled date back in September last year.

"Ms Tiara explained she would not be able to pay him the £400 and Mcallister became agitated and said 'I'm getting done again by you'.

"The manager of the restaurant spoke to Mcallister who Mcaliister then called 'a disgrace'.

"Mcallister then stormed out of the conservatory and lashed out by punching a large table lamp and then a fluted glass container used for storing water.

"There was damage to the door that was not there before he began to play that night."

Mcallister was slapped with a 12-month conditional discharge, ordered to pay £670 in compensation to Ms Tiara, £85 in court costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

Sunil Jagatir, defending, said: "There is a background to this case that is relevant and his reputation is important to him as he has worked all over the world.

"There used to be a good working relationship between them but this started to breakdown between them after several times Ms Tiara had cancelled gigs at short notice leaving him around £600 out of pocket, but he took this on the chin and admitted it is the nature of the business he is in.

"It came to a head this night as he was called at short notice but agreed to play with a fee of £300 being agreed.

"Mcallister said for an extra £100 he would play to cover for previous cancelled dates. He was promised £400 when he got there.

"He only found £300 as payment. He was told he could not speak to the owner as the restaurant was full of customers and he became very angry and lashed out.

"He accepts the working relationship has broken down and just wants a speedy resolution to this, indicated by his plea."

After the case, Jim Mcallister laughed off his conviction – and declared: "That's life".

He said: "I did lose it and unfortunately as I left the restaurant I slammed the door and the glass in it smashed, which is where the cost kicked in.

"I was just pushed over the edge, I have done the job for 18 years and have hundreds of happy clients.

"Mr Sinatra was never adverse to a bit of publicity himself whether it was good or bad, and I guess that is the case here.

"To use one of the great man’s songs, that’s life.

"I deal with people all the time but just when I get turned over that was when it was too much, we had gentlemen's agreement. It is time to move on now."