GARDENERS are being urged to go green and recycle their old plant pots.

Webbs garden centre in Wychbold has joined forces with a company called ‘a short walk’ to run the plastic pots recycling scheme so they can be made into environmentally-friendly products.

Customers are asked to drop off their redundant plastic plant pots in a collection container. They are then melted and reformed into new useful products to be resold at the store.

Webbs chairman Ed Webb said: “There are over five million redundant plant pots gathering dust in the sheds of the UK, many of which will eventually find their way into landfill. We expect to recycle thousands of pots each year here at Wychbold. What is an unwanted plant pot one week could be a bird feeder the next. So please join our campaign and help us work towards a better environmental solution - open your sheds and release those pots.”