WORCESTERSHIRE veterans and their relatives are being offered a 70th anniversary opportunity to visit the beaches and fields where the decisive campaign that ended the Second World War was fought.

Soldiers of the Worcestershire Regiment landed in France on June 6, 1944 and helped to secure the beachheads for Allied forces. They were also involved in the bitter fighting that followed the breakout from Normandy.

This year, 70 years after the fateful D-Day landings, a historical research group is travelling to northern France to retrace the steps of the men who contributed so much to the final victory.

Battlefield Memorial Tours organiser Brian Long said: “We strive to deliver exceptional value tours to major European battlefield sites, providing an informative insight into key historical events.

“We are continuing a long tradition of taking friends and relatives to military cemeteries within the areas we visit. Battlefield Memorial Tours builds on more than 40 years of experience, ensuring that today’s visitors can gain an understanding of events that happened during the two world wars. Our tours are hosted in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.”

The trip to Normandy will run from June 5-9. For more information, visit battlefieldmemorialtours.co.uk or contact Brian Long on 01629 650780.