TECHNOLOGY described as irritating and annoying has been removed from Wychavon car parks following a report into the machines that take the money.

Vehicle registration keypads, which tie a car to a parking ticket, have been removed from all Wychavon car parks. The move is in response to customer feedback during the review that found customers really didn’t like it, saying they found it irritating, time consuming and hard to read.

Councillor Peter Tomlinson, who was involved in the review, said: “The scrutiny team spoke to lots of residents in car parks, focus groups and people we know who live in the district. The overwhelming majority didn’t like vehicle registration keypads. Many said it made the simple process of paying for car parking more time consuming, irritating if they couldn’t remember their registration number, annoying if it was raining and embarrassing if a line starts to build up behind them should it take them a bit of time.”

All vehicle registration keypads have now been removed from the council’s car parks. For a full list of car parks managed by Wychavon, visit