DRIVERS tempted to drink and drive in and around the county are being warned police will not hesitate to arrest them.

It comes after six drivers were caught driving while over the limit at the weekend.

All six have been charged with driving a motor vehicle when their alcohol level was above the legal limit and are due to appear before Worcester Magistrates' Court either later this month or in early September.

Four of the arrests followed accidents on Saturday, August 17, in Worcester, Malvern and Droitwich while under the influence of alcohol and highlights the risks of driving over the legal limit.

In addition to those arrested and charged with drink driving at the weekend, a man was charged with being drunk in charge of a pedal cycle after he was arrested on Lower Howsell Road in Malvern in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Chief Inspector Mark Steele from Worcester police station said: “Many of these arrests happened following collisions and people need to understand the risks they are taking by getting behind the wheel of a car – or even getting on their bicycle – after consuming alcohol.

“You are putting yourself and other road users in danger and we will not tolerate such irresponsible and selfish behaviour.

“We are routinely stopping and catching drink-drivers and we hope that the action we have taken against a number of drivers over the weekend serves as a strong deterrent to anyone thinking of drinking and driving in our force area.”