A JURY was discharged after failing to agree a verdict on a motorcyclist alleged to have endangered young children by doing "a wheelie" near them.

Michael Leeson, aged 25, of Crofters Way, Droitwich, had pleaded not guilty at Worcester Crown Court to a charge of dangerous driving.

But after the jury had left court, he admitted inconsiderate driving. Judge Toby Hooper QC fined him £200 and disqualified him for six months.

Simon Warlock, defending, said Leeson had lost his job as a paint sprayer although he had always been in work since he was 17.

Prosecutor Peter Grice had alleged that Leeson had ridden his 1,000cc bike in Meadow Way, Droitwich, when the incident happened. Witnesses claimed that he narrowly missed a girl.

But Leeson claimed he had not lifted the front wheel of his machine off the ground to cause the family to fear being struck.