A PART-TIME Worcestershire soldier is one of the first to train overseas alongside European comrades following a shake-up of the Territorial Army.

Trooper Jack Fitter, who is 19 and from Droitwich has been training with colleagues in the Danish Army in Denmark with his unit the Royal Lancastrian and Mercian Yeomanry, a mounted recon unit.

Trooper Fitter, whose father is the Hereford-based unit’s squadron leader, was on what is one of the first overseas training courses being made available to the Territorials as part of the Government’s Army 2020 organisational shake-up.

The course involved simulated firefights – using an advanced version of paint-balling – working with Danish Army troops.

Trooper Fitter, who joined the TA in July, said: "This is definitely one of the best things I have done since joining.

“Using the realistic ammunition shows you what works and what doesn’t, which makes you understand why we are taught certain tactics.”

“These exercises show the Government is serious about expanding the reserves.

“Anyone thinking about joining the TA will realise it’s nothing like Dad’s Army these days, we are now doing exactly the same as the regulars, if not more.

“It definitely feels like a profession rather than a hobby now.”