FROM a baby with a high temperature to a toddler with a bump on the head, it’s only natural to worry about children, but is A&E the right place to go?

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the Alex Hospital, is urging parents to make sure they only use A&E for the right reasons.

Parents of young children are often tempted to visit A&E when they’re not sure what else to do but there are other options, say the trust.

Across Worcestershire there are five Minor Injuries Units which can treat conditions such as cuts, grazes, wounds, sprains, strains, minor burns and broken bones.

There is also NHS Direct helpline (0845 4647) and NHS Choices, a website which has details of symptoms and courses of action for common childhood conditions.

Rose Johnson, assistant medical director at the trust, said: “Accident and emergency departments deal with real emergencies and saving lives, although it is often a first stop for many people who aren’t feeling quite right.

“We are asking everyone to choose the right service for their condition and so help us to make sure that emergency treatment is available to those that need urgent medical care in the event of a serious injury or critical illness.

“There is a wide range of other NHS services available for non-life threatening conditions and we are asking parents to remember that A&E is only for emergencies and to choose the right healthcare service for their child.”