Twins and language development

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Many twins have normal speech and language development, but some preschool twins can be up to six months behind singletons in their language development.

There are several factors, which can mean twins are slower to pick up speech skills:

There is no reason to worry if your twins do seem to be slow to speak, as long as you ensure that they have plenty of time to talk and express themselves.

It's good to talk

Good opportunities to give twins one-on-one attention can be during nappy changes, or perhaps you could bath them separately at night to allow you some time alone to chat with each baby.

If one twin is playing, it is a good opportunity to read to the other, or if possible you could stagger bedtime stories so you can read to each twin individually. It is also a good idea to avoid excessive television viewing or time on the computer while your children are young as this can stunt language development.

For tips on how to encourage language skills see the Birth to five planner. If you are concerned about your child’s language skills talk to your GP or health visitor.  


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