Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best get-to-sleep gadgets.

By Peter Jenkinson.

Organised by the Sleep Council, March is National Bed Month, with the aim of getting us all sleeping better.

There are lots of tips and tricks available at to assist you in getting a good night's sleep, one being that we should all replace our mattress after seven years - that's roughly 20,000 hours of wear.

So we're paying homage to the place in which we spend a third of our lives and bringing you six pieces of kit with sound sleep in mind.

Sleep Time - Zeo Sleep Manager - Mobile - £89 at This headband-mounted sensor may at first look like it'll be a mild irritant but you'll be amazed as to how much it can help improve your sleep patterns. By sending brainwave data to your smartphone, it tracks your sleep stages and records how you slept, including how much time you spent in deep, light or REM (dream) sleep. It then maps it all into a graph and offers an on-screen sleep quality score so you have a target to aim for in your quest for better shut-eye.

Television Centre - Oasis TV Adjustable Bed - £2,190.63 from A bed with a 26-inch plasma TV set that hides away inside the frame, several electronically adjustable motors in the memory foam mattress to get you into the perfect position and sliders for tension adjustment - this is everything we want, is it not? The only trouble we can envisage with this sleeping system is that lie-ins could last much longer than ever before.

Like A Log - Log Pillow - £15.99 from At first appearance this may well appear to be just a quirky piece of kit to adorn your sleeping area. Well, it is certainly that, but it also makes for the ideal travel pillow, too. Inside the casing are thousands of squidgy micro-beads that mould to the shape of your head, creating a comfy spot for you to rest wherever you may roam.

Clear The Air - Air-O-Swiss Travel Humidifier - £42 from A slightly quirky addition in the grand scheme of getting to sleep but with central heating systems creating drier spaces, this is likely to help improve your sleep quality. By adding a fine, quickly evaporating mist to the air, this lightweight and compact humidifier is ideal for use while on holiday, especially in hot countries, as it works with just a simple bottle of clean, still water.

Kids' Stuff - Sound Asleep Pillow - £14.99 from This soft pillow plugs into an MP3 device and through a hidden internal speaker plays your children's favourite soothing sounds, songs or audio book at a low-decibel level to help them drift off to sleep. More comfortable than wearing headphones, only those resting on the hollow fibres can hear the sounds, giving parents the peace and quiet they deserve.

Word Count - The Book Lamp - £12.95 from Attached to the top of your novel by a simple clip, this little illuminator is perfect for bedtime reading. The retro-looking, battery-operated lamp can also be placed on your bedside cabinet while you drift off to those last few paragraphs.

App of the week: Sleep Recorder - Apple iOS Ever wondered if you chat in your sleep?

This app lets you find out and then listen in to the conversation you never knew you'd had.

With a time-delay feature, you can start recording at any point in the night and it may help you settle the argument over whether you snore or not...