WITH experts predicting that two million people could be jobless by Christmas, now could be the time to send out your CV.

Online CV company IProfile.org predict that January 7 will one of the busiest days of the year for sending out CVs and applying for work.

As Rick Bacon, CEO of iProfile.org explains, the beginning of the year is always a hectic time in the recruitment market.

"Many people reflect on their career over the Christmas period and make finding a new job their New Year's resolution. In 2008, January 10 was when we saw the largest volumes of CVs updated and sent to recruiters. In 2009, we expect to see an even bigger upsurge around this time."

But careers coach Paresh Damani adds that job hunters should be careful not to miss the point, in their haste to miss the rush.

According to the spokesperson for the Careers Advice Service (formerly Learn Direct), there can be a good reason to wait until after Christmas.

"I don't think there's any hard and fast rule," he says.

"It comes down to doing your research. Find out what the company does over the Christmas period. Do they shut down completely for a couple of weeks or will there be someone there to deal with your CV? Sending it in early could mean it gets buried under a pile of post over Christmas. How you act should depend on the organisation."

But that doesn't mean job-seekers should assume no one will be recruiting over the festive season.

"If people are applying for advertised positions, then work to the closing date on the job advert," says Damani.

"Don't just stop because of Christmas.

"On the other hand if you are sending out CVs speculatively, then it might be an idea to hold back because the chances are that it won't be looked at over the Christmas period."

Damani suggests that jobseekers spend the festive season working on their applications, so their CVs don't get passed over in the New Year rush.

"People make simple mistakes like sending CVs to the wrong person, not sending covering letters and sending CVs out with spelling mistakes. The key is to do your research and send out polished, targeted applications."

Top tips for tackling the jobs market

  • Think about looking beyond your current industry to those that are experiencing or predicting job growth and where there are shortages in skilled resources.
  • Turn to your personal networks to see where you can use friends and acquaintances to recommend you for jobs as they become available.
  • Be prepared - make sure your CV is up to date and ready to send to your chosen recruiters or employers.
  • Include relevant industry terms when updating your skills. This will allow recruiters to quickly identify you when using industry buzzwords to search their databases.
  • Make sure you don't miss out on your dream job by always showcasing your achievements. 'Achievement Amnesia' is the main reason behind candidates not getting that much sought after job interview.
  • Be realistic about how long it will take you to find a job in our current economic climate.