Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best watches with a twist.

By Peter Jenkinson

When it comes to choosing a new timepiece for your wrist, are you looking for something a little bit different?

Here's a collection of alternative watches that despite lacking the most basic of detail - there's not a big or little hand in sight - will keep you right on schedule.

High Time - Devon Tread 1 Watch - £12,950 from

The decimal point hasn't been put in the wrong place, this is a watch that's more expensive than a small saloon, but it is rather special. Inside this masterpiece are four mini motors that power a series of glass-nylon belts, which in turn show the time and date. Made from high-grade stainless steel, with a scratch-resistant, bullet-proof casing, the video showing this piece of wrist art in action is an enjoyable performance.

Off Road - Garmin Fenix GPS - £350 from

Aimed at outdoorsy types, this timepiece packs tons of technology inside its rugged exterior. There's a GPS navigation system that allows you to create and follow routes and mark up to 1,000 waypoints along the way. The TracBac function will also show you the way back to base. An altimeter, barometer and compass are also featured, as well as a time-telling function - we're not sure how they found the space!

Lava-like - Sci-Fi LED Watch - £24.99 from

This digital watch also doubles up as a decent fashion accessory and when you need the time or date, just press the button and you'll be in for a visual treat. The red numbers shine between the black links - it almost looks volcanic. You'll be desperate for folk to ask you for the time.

Number Cruncher - Calculator Watch - £9.99 from

When calculator watches first appeared on the market, they could cost up to £500. But while this time machine is reminiscent of the classic devices from the Eighties, it doesn't have the price tag to match. Retro lovers will snap this up in no time!

Personal Trainer - Tap On Elite Heart Rate Monitor - £69.99 from

Helping you keep track of your vitals as you work up a sweat is this smart new watch. While showing you the number of calories you burn, the hydration alert function tracks your fluid loss and then reminds you to take on water to maximise your workout. It also has a smart training programme with a warm-up, exercise and recovery timer. Water resistant up to 50m, this might just be the gadget to get you down the gym.

Bright Time - LED L130-022RD-BSM Gent Watch £151.14 from

This is a watch we imagine 007 may favour. Using bright LEDs to create the time, the multitude of red dots align themselves with the numbers at the side of the screen, and, with a little practice, you can figure out the hour. It's rather good.

App of the week: Toca Band - £1.49 from iTunes

Designed for kids, this app holds massive parental appeal too. To play, you drag and drop one of many characters - Bang Bang Chef, Shoe String Charlie or Mr Whizzle Whiz - into three on-screen rows and make some music in a highly entertaining fashion. Intrigued? You should be. Download it without delay.