I am a smoker, there I’ve said it, writes Steve Zacharanda.

These days that seems to put me just above a drink driver and just below a tax avoider in the social strata.

On some days I plan to give up, and one of those days I asked the nice people at Nicolites to send me one of their natty electronic cigarettes which help people give up.

However, when it arrived giving up couldn’t be further from my mind but still I gave the resuable snout a go.

And it has been a revelation.

I love the thing, it is weighty so it is not easy to lose and looks like a real cigarette.

And thanks to its water based technology when you take a drag you can exhale something resembling smoke, however, no matter hard I’ve tried I cant seem to master blowing circles of the stuff into the air.

And the end of it lights up too, I know, amazing what technology can do these days.

The contraption comes with a USB port charger so you can charge up electronic cigarette whilst on your laptop, however, you can not smoke it though whilst it is charging, I tried and failed.

Thanks to the pub-killing smoking ban where now the only place to satisfy the demon weed itch is usually in some damp smoking area where you have to dodge Big Issue sellers coming up with their one remaining magazine trying to scav an ever-increasingly expensive snout.

However, with an electronic fag you can go back in time and be in the warmth with a beer in one hand and a cheeky tab in the other.

I’ve had great fun in the pubs and clubs of the West Midlands smoking my electronic ciggie.

There is nothing better than surreptitiously smoking it and waiting for bouncers to come up and try to frog march me out of the establishment.

At the Tap and Spile in Birmingham I found myself having this bizarre conversation.

“Are you smoking?”


“Get out.”

“No, hold on take your hands off me, this is an electronic fag.”

“I’ve heard that one before.”

“Watch I’ll even stub it out on the end of my tongue and I wont wince.”

“Well stop smoking it anyway.”

“But why it is not illegal?”

“Because you’ll only encourage other people to smoke.”

As I’d just bought a pint and didn’t fancy eating pavement I relented but you get my point.

The Nicolites electronic cigarette looks great, feels great and is always nice to have around as a back up if you find yourself in the midst of dinner party of smoking nazis, an airport, an airplane, a high class restaurant, a church, court or whereever else they have banned smoking these days.

Oh and I hear if you do want to give up for good it can be quite handy too.